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                  Retirement Provision


It is a world wide problem that most people do not

have enough income at retirment to sustain their

current standards of living.

There are a number of affordable products that aim

to make provision for retirment while at the same time

offering great tax insentives.


Unit Trust and ETF Investments


This is a long term savings plan that

historicaly produces good returns 

over a longer term.

Contrabutions are normaly made on a 

monthley basis but can also be made as

a lump sum.

Each Investment company offers a range of

portfolios to cater for individual risk profiles.





                   Section 12 j Invetments


Section 12 J of the income tax Act allows 

individuals to invest into a venture capital funds.

This is a lump sum investment that may not exceed

R2.5 million rand per tax payer.

The investment offers a 45% tax credit based on the


Historicaly this type of investment yeilds good returns

over the 5 year investment term.

Investment amounts vary from fund tofund but generaly

are from R100000 as a minimum.



Paticapation Mortage Bonds (Partbond)


The Partbond is a product that offers a superior interest rate with captial 100% gaurenteed.

The investment is idealy suited to a person who needs their

interest paid out to them on a monthly basis.

The investment however does offer the facility to recapilize the inerest or portion thereof.

The investment period is done for 5 years at a time.


Investments are only done as a lump sum from R5000.


Tax Free Savings


We offer a range of products that are aimed at compulsary savings plans, some of which have a prescribed term of 5 years while others have no fixed term.


All can be started with a monthly contrabution from only R500.


Lump Sum investments can also be done with a minimum  amount of R1000.




The information on this page does not in any way paport to give advice and is for information purposes only.

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